Training in the Needs of Students with Autism

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Provider #: AUT-107

Upon completion of our New York Autism Training online, the participant will be able to:

  • describe the core deficits of autism as per IDEA and the DSM V.
  • state some of the most prevalent theories involving the etiology and prevalence of autism.
  • describe how symptoms of autism may manifest as related to the core deficits of social communication, social interaction and restricted behaviors.
  • explain why evidence-based practice is so important and describe warning signs of pseudoscientific therapies.
  • list evidence-based interventions for individuals with ASD including both comprehensive treatment models as well as focused intervention practices.
  • describe procedures used for behavior management and positive behavior supports.
  • describe skills that are necessary in working with families of individuals with ASD as well as with other members of the individual’s team.
  • state autism quality indicators that should be included in programs set up for individuals with ASD.
Definition Etiology and Prevalence Characteristics Research/Evidence, Based Instructional, Methods/Interventions for Teaching Students with ASDs Behavior Management and Positive Behavioral Support Effective Collaboration, resources and Support Training in the Needs of Students with Autism Final Exam