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  • Training in the Needs of Students with Autism

    by mktgsvcs@bgsicoaching.com
    6 Chaptersin
    • NYS Training in the Needs of Students with Autism - $40.00

    Provider #: AUT-107 Upon completion of this course, participants will comply with NYS Legislation Chapter 143 of the laws of 2006 to understand and utilize appropriate instructional methods for children with Autism.

  • NYS School Violence Prevention (SAVE)

    by mktgsvcs@bgsicoaching.com
    12 Chaptersin
    • NYS School Violence Prevention Course - $30.00

    Provider #: 0112 Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identify the goal of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) legislation, assist in preventing school violence, and review risk factors related to violence in schools.

  • NYS Child Abuse and Maltreatment / Neglect

    by mktgsvcs@bgsicoaching.com
    8 Chaptersin
    • NYS Child Abuse Certification - $30.00
    New York State Child Abuse Identification Course

    Provider #: 10640 Upon completion of this course, the mandated reporter will be able to evaluate possible cases of child abuse, maltreatment and/or neglect, identify physical and behavioral signs indicating the abuse and report to the NYS child abuse and maltreatment registry.

  • NYS Infection Control

    by mktgsvcs@bgsicoaching.com
    9 Chaptersin
    • NYS Infection Control Course - $30.00
    New York State Infection Control Course

    Provider #: IC-028 Upon completion of this New York State mandated certification course, healthcare professionals will understand how infections may be transmitted, and apply current infection prevention and control principles to minimize or eliminate transmission of pathogens.