Terms and Conditions

LABORATORY CONSULTATION SERVICES, INC. (LCS) provides certified courses to various professionals who require the coursework for licensing, license renewal or continuing education credits. Courses are self-directed, easy to navigate and available 24/7 online. After entry of demographics and payment information the participant reads the course material at his or her own speed, takes a short final exam to assess understanding of the course work and is able to print a certificate attesting to the fact that the coursework was successfully completed. For some professions the state agency may require a social security number and an upload of the completed certificate to the appropriate governmental authorities. All information is maintained in a confidential, encrypted data base in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The participant is able to retrieve his/her certificate by logging in to their account using their username and password.

Payment / Fees

The fee for each course is indicated on the website. If the participant has a coupon code, entering it in the proper field will readjust the fee. LCS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. All payments are in US dollars ($).

Discounts are available to facilities whose participants use LCS as their exclusive source for their coursework. For more information, please email saulzw@laboratoryconsultationservices.com or call (201)575 – 0783.

Credit card statement will be displayed as L.C.S.


All questions and/or comments can be addressed to info@laboratoryconsultationservices.com. Responses will be made within 1 – 2 business days.

Refund / Chargeback Policy

In the event that a customer requests a refund for a course that was purchased, but not yet completed, Laboratory Consultation Services may, in its sole discretion, refund the purchase back to the original form of payment. However, NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS CAN BE GRANTED AFTER THE CERTIFICATE IS GENERATED.

If a customer disputes a charge that they see on their credit card statement as an unauthorized charge, Laboratory Consultation Services will investigate the offending charge and will provide the necessary information to the credit card company who is submitting the chargeback. If the charge is found to be valid, Laboratory Consultation Services reserves the right to assess the chargeback fee (typically anywhere from $10 to $50 or more) that it is charged plus the cost of the course(s) the customer initially purchased upon an affirmative decision its favor.

Customer charges. Laboratory Consultation Services, Inc. reserves the right to bill the customer for the cost of the course plus any charge assessed by the credit card company.

Delivery Policy

At the completion of the course the participant, upon clicking the “Print Certificate” button to receive a certificate in .pdf format. The certificate can be retrieved by logging in to the participants account with use of a username and password.

Cancellation Policy

The customer can cancel the course at any time prior to completing the course and receiving the certificate.