California Dental Practice Act (Dental Auxiliary)

Provider#: RP5926

Upon completion the student will be familiar with the rules of the Dental Board of California’s definition and responsibilities of each class of dental auxiliary. These classes are intended to form a career ladder, permitting the advancement of persons to higher levels of licensure with additional training. The Committee on Dental Auxiliaries advises the board as to appropriate standards of conduct for auxiliaries and any other enforcement-related matters that the board may delegate to the committee.

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Section 1 – Introduction Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Final Exam


The California Dental Practice Act course is a continuing education unit class that describes the general duties of California-based licensed dental professionals (including assistants, hygienists, orthodontic assistants, etc.). It also clearly spells out the roles of auxiliaries including the breadth of their capabilities and influence.

Upon completion of the course students will be able to better understand the Dental Board of California and its enforcement ability, have a firm grasp on the laws of prescription medications, become well versed in the ethics of dental practice, fully comprehend diversion programs, understand all concepts of licensure and license renewal and more.

This course is required as described above for dentists, and is intended for use by dental auxiliaries to satisfy, in part, the following continuing education requirements for each renewal period:

  1. Registered dental hygienists: 25 units.
  2. Registered dental assistants: 25 units.
  3. Registered dental hygienists in extended functions: 25 units.
  4. Registered dental assistants in extended functions: 25 units.
  5. Registered dental hygienists in alternative practice 35 units.

The requirements for course work in the California Dental Practice Act may be satisfied with this course, and the requirements for infection control course work may be satisfied with our California Dental Infection Control Course.