NYS Child Abuse and Maltreatment / Neglect

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This updated course meets the training requirements of Chapter 544 of the Laws of 1988. That law, as amended, established requirements for all physicians, chiropractors, dentists, classroom teachers, school service personnel, administrators and supervisors acting as mandated reporters of child abuse, neglect, and maltreatment.

The law specifies that coursework or training must include information regarding the physical and behavioral indicators of child abuse and maltreatment.

This training must also include the statutory reporting requirements set out in the New York Social Services Law, such as when and how a report must be made, what other actions the reporter is mandated or authorized to take, the legal protections afforded reporters, and the consequences for failing to report. The law further states that the coursework or training must be obtained from a provider approved for that purpose by The State Education Department.

The New York State Office of Child Protective Services has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that can serve as an introduction and quick review of this course. It can be found at www.ofcs.state.ny.us/main/prevention/faqs.asp.

Module 1: Introduction Module 2: Understanding Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Module 3: Understanding and Reducing Implicit and Explicit Bias Module 4: General Framework for Mandated Reporters Module 5: Defining Maltreatment and Abuse Module 6: Indicators of Child Maltreatment and Abuse Module 7: Making the Call to the SCR and What Happens Next NYS Child Abuse Prevention Final Exam


The definition of child abuse will often differ from state to state and government to government. It is therefore crucial for healthcare professionals to know the definitions of abuse in the state(s) in which they live and/or intend to be certified.

The New York State Education Law requires that individuals in specified professions be certified in child abuse (i.e. NYS Child Abuse Certification). That is, that they complete two hours of approved coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse as a condition of licensure. This training is valid only from a New York State Education Department approved provider.

NYS Child Abuse Certification is required for the following professions: Certified Behavior Analyst Assistants, Chiropractors, Creative Arts Therapists, Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Licensed Behavior Analysts, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Master Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Optometrists, Physicians, Podiatrists, Psychoanalysts, Psychologists and Registered Nurses. The Law also includes this New York child abuse identification training for mandated reporters among the requirements for certification or licensure of school administrators/supervisors, school service personnel, and classroom school teachers. All persons applying for such positions must have completed the required coursework or training. The above professionals are required to report when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or maltreated/neglected.

It is important to note that many medical residency programs will frequently not include child abuse certification. Residency training will therefore not satisfy the New York State child abuse identification training requirement. In addition, someone who completes an out-of-state medical program unregistered by NYS who then receives training in a NYS residency program will have not met the training requirement and must take additional child abuse identification training in New York State from an approved provider.

The State Education Department must receive documentation in the form of an authorized Certification of Completion at the time of re-registration or initial application for certification or licensure.

New York State Child Abuse Identification Course