NYS Infection Control Course

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Finish all lessons and pass final exam


The New York State Education Law requires that every physician, physician assistants (PAs), and specialist assistants (SAs), dentist, dental hygienist, registered professional nurse, licensed practical nurse, optometrist, and podiatrist practicing in New York State complete approved infection control and barrier precautions course work appropriate to the professional's practice.

This course consists of the seven elements of the New York State required course and satisfies the infection control training requirement for all professions.

The entire course is on line and may be studied at your own pace. When you have completed the course, take the short quiz at the end to assess your level of understanding of the material.

The fee for the course is $30 and may be paid for with Visa, Master Card or Paypal.

Then, you will have the opportunity to review your demographic information and to view and print out your certificate.


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4 Years: $ 30.00

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