School Violence Prevention Training Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who must have this training?

A1. Persons seeking certification in New York State are required to take the 2-hour mandated training. This includes teachers, administrators, pupil personnel staff and coaches. Teacher aides and
cafeteria staff are non-certified personnel and as such are not required to participate in the mandated 2-hour course.

Q2. How often must this training be done?

A2. At initial licensing or license renewal, one time only.

Q3. Where is the requirement for this training found?

A3. Education Law sections 207, 210, 215, 305(1), (2) and (7), 3004(1) and 3006(1)
Sections 52.21, 80-1.4, 80-3.5 and 80-5.14 of the Commissioner's Regulations - requirements for teacher certification and teacher education programs concerning school violence prevention and intervention.

Q4. Who provides the training?

A4. New York State licenses specific providers to give the training. Licensees’ credentials are reviewed at the time of application to ensure competence to deliver the training.

Q5. What format is the training?

A5. This is at the option of the trainer and trainee and can include formal classroom lectures, video presentations, online courses, etc. Laboratory Consultation Services, Inc. provides only online training on this website.

Q6. How long does the course/training take?

A6. Most trainees report times around 2 hours. Of course, you can stop at any time and continue later when you have more time.

Q7. What happens after I finish the course?

A7. There is a short quiz to help us (and you) ensure that you have command of the material. Answer the questions on the designated form and when you’re done, click submit. The quiz will be automatically scored to give you feedback on your mastery of the course.

You may take the quiz as often as you feel it necessary.

Please note: the quiz is not submitted to any regulatory authority and there is no "pass" or "fail" The purpose is, as stated above, to ensure that you have mastered the material

Q9. What happens afterwards?

A9. Once you submit your demographic information, a Certificate of Completion is automatically completed for you to download and print.

Q10. Do you report my results to New York State?

A10. No. New York State requires that the applicant submit a copy of the certificate of completion to the State Education Department along with other documents supporting the application for licensing

Send to:

Department of Education
Office of Teaching Initiatives
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

You may also FAX the certificate to 518-474-6950 or 518-473-0271

Q12. What if I lose my certificate?

A12. You may go back and reprint it at any time